Surviving Smith Northampton
I only want to be in a relationship with you for your speakers.

haha Funktion One system is finally mounted! Fuck you, neighbor! (Taken with instagram)

I only want to be in a relationship with you for your speakers.


haha Funktion One system is finally mounted! Fuck you, neighbor! (Taken with instagram)

// Boys, boys, boys… Nope just girls//


So going to an all girls school and being straight, how does that work? 

Well to be quite honest not very well at all really.  We Smithies spend our time ogling actors on the big screen and daydreaming of the day we have someone like that to call our own.  Don’t get me wrong if you get out into Noho enough you start to meet people and then of course the inevitable guy who works up the courage to ask you on a date happens, but so far the lands of Smith has been seeing a drought.  It being finals and all girls have been cooped up in their rooms studying or doing work not out and about meeting charming young princes.  So to celebrate the end of classes my friends and I threw a small party.  We surrounded ourselves with nice friends such as Molly and Mary Jane we even hung out with Jack…. but sadly what resulted was our realization that we were all just plain angsty.  A friend of mine was talking to me about what was wrong with us all and why we were all so pent up and annoyed and frankly I said it boiled down to no sex.  She laughed I remarked in despair:

     “We are all raging thunder bolts of angst!!”

She of course agreed, but thought the analogy was hilarious.  The rest of the night proceeded to be spent adventuring to 711 and Starbucks… more than once… and all of the Smith College campus, we even gave a stop to CTC’s house to salute her and all her glory. 

But, I’m not fretting quite yet about the male thing, I can ogle all I like at such men as James Franco and Ian Somerhalder, but I know that I soon am going home for a month so no matter in finding a boy this late to see!! At any rate we know there are males out there it’s just a matter of going OUT THERE!!

// Into fairytime…//

"The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve;
Lovers, to bed; ‘tis almost fairy time.”

                      ~Theses Act V A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I really couldn’t agree more, so to make my time here at Smith even more magical I spend sometime at what my friends call the fairy lights and I call the pretty lightsAs most of my friends would tell you that I am a HUGE fan of techno/house/dub music, earlier this year I went to Deadmau5 and after J-term here at Smith I’m going to the Avicci concert at UMASS!!!  But back to the light, as almost anyone can attest Christmas lights provide a sort of happy warm light.  I think in part with the memories we hold with them, decorating the Christmas tree or decorating the house, either way they bring up fond memories… So when my friends and I found benches under the light of trees wrapped with Christmas lights early in September we couldn’t have been more happy. 

This started our lovely trips to the lights, to partake in not such kosher actions.  The pretty lights our go to spot for the next three and half years, seeing as how the first half of four ended today!!!! At any rate, these lights are now all through the town seeing as it’s Christmas time and it’s positively wonderful to take a walk downtown with the town alight with Christmas delight!  

Can’t say for certain that I’ll find my way to the pretty fairy lights this evening, but if so I’ll see you there.




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// "Party time in the salt mine!" ~ Joan Holden Nickel and Dimmed//

By the fourth day of Smith they were holding auditions for the productions within the theater department.  Both auditions, Hedda Gabbler and Nickel and Dimed were held, and both were well attended.  I was lucky enough to get a small part with few lines, singing, and help with the moving of stage pieces.  With working on this show came lots of hours spent in the theater building with your cast, not in your dorm meeting new people and experiencing your first semester of school.  As much as I love theater I must say I didn’t really know what going out and exploring meant at school, until after the show was over and we were three months into the year.  At the bitter end of the show we celebrated with the previous mentioned debauchery, it was a wonderful part after that!!

This evening we partook in the making of Jell-OH to kick off the end of a great new start and wonderful semester!  I can’t wait to finish with classes and be able to go home!! I love where I am and wouldn’t change it for the world, but home is where my heart is!! I even was able to arrange it so I could get home early to surprise my mom! Christmas time always uplifts my spirits and puts me in a happy state of mind.  No matter what the stress I know I’ll be alright, because there are so many good things coming my way!!

so lesson learned: don’t be afraid to try new things when you go to college, but make sure to have a little fun and meet new amazing people, you never know who you’ll meet!!!


sitting down with a good book or listening to great music

the musical mood of my mind at the moment…

// What’s keeping the gears clicking…//

I have to say when I first got here I was desolate alone and just scared… maybe not desolate and alone, but as nervous as one could be.

So to survive “The Smith Bubble” I came up with steps that I must follow:

start with getting off campus, originally I thought that would be going to parties at Amherst and UMass, but sadly frat parties there is just a sausage fest for desperate drunk males. So for me getting off campus means going downtown to Haymarket, one of the comfiest places for me to be to work and illegally download music. 

keep the music pumping, whether it’s techno, blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, or grunge keep it around and on.  Blast it in your eardrums or on your laptop, or if you’re anything like me make a decent set-up to hook up your music too for the ultimate listening experience!

and my last rule of thumb is keep debauchery in play, whether it’s from a nice green grass, to a mild selection of booze, or even a little bit of a hallucinogens keep your palate open at all times, you live once so make the most of it you have your whole life to make different choices don’t regret anything you learn from experience!

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